• abrogè layer 2 pollution mask

      1,399.00 699.50

      PM 2.5 N95, Double layer, Unisex, For all age type, Trendy single piece design , Polyurethane Mask, Reusable, Anti-pollen, Anti-dust, Anti-smog, Anti-haze, Anti-debris, Anti-pollution, Anti-allergen, Anti-ash, Anti-seaspray, Anti-chalkfoam, Anti-smoke, Anti-smog, Anti-droplet, Anti-odour, Anti-saliva, Anti-germs, Cigarette smoke, exhaust gas etc and so on. Prevents from flu and other contagious disease. Soft , Comfortable, Washable, Skin friendly, Fits all face type, Elastic, Not deformed, Suitable for pregnant women, Ideal for bikers and car riders, Recommended for Athletes and for people active in sports, Environmental friendly, No cruelty, Prevents from Heart, Lungs and other Respiratory diseases. Certified by CE, SGS, ISO, NELSON and NIOSH, Suitable for all ocassions like in public, hospitals, chemical laboratory, food processing units, cold weather etc and even popular people can wear in public to be star unrecognized.

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