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abrogè layer is an unique type of Anti-pollution mask that is available in india for the first time. abrogè layer uses a special kind of material called polyurethane. Polyurethane is diisocyanate, It is an emerging organic polymer material because it has excellent performance and is widely used in medical, aviation, defense and other fields. Textile and other masks available in market are no match to this. It is an unisex mask which can be used by all age type like men, women, children etc regardless of their age or gender. abrogè layer 1 is PM 2.5 N95 which means it blocks 95% of pollution particles present in the air which has a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometer, which is about 3% the diameter of human hair. abrogè layer comes with a unique single piece dimensional cut design that has never been introduced in the market which fits all face type. One of the speciality of abrogè layer is that it gets adjusted to your face shape and gives you a small v shape slimmer look. abrogè layer is reusable and washable. abrogè layer protects you from pollen, dust, cold, fog, smog, allergen, chalkfoam, smoke, droplet, odour, saliva, exhaust gas, debris, cigarette smoke, haze, ash, seaspray, germs and so on. It has more qualities than any other mask available in the market. abrogè layer has used high density isolation material, which is healthy, skin friendly, breathable, no-irritation, soft, stretchable, resillance, not deformed. It is high grade organic, hypoallergen material with filter layer of high filtration efficency and high dust barrier rate. Long term wear will not cause any ear root pain as other pollution masks. We make sure that all our products are environment friendly and no cruelty to animals in any ways. abrogè layer is usefull for people who has asthma and highly effective for preventing diseases like asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, possibly cancer and other diseases that spread through air. abrogè layer is usefull for people who jog, walk, run and for people who are active in sports. We recommend abrogè layer for athletes and to gym going people because polluted air affects your overall performance, cardiovascular efficiency, endurance etc. Pregnant women should use abrogè layer because polluted air can damage the health growth of mother and child. abrogè layer can be used at all occasions such as in public or in other crowded places, in bus, markets, hospitals, chemical laboratories, food processing units and in cold weather etc. abrogè layer is perfect for bike and car riders even if its a long route or for daily use. Even celebrities can use abrogè layer to roam in public without getting recognized they’ll still look fashionable and be safe from toxic pollutant. abrogè layer is tested and certified by international laboratories such as CE, SGS, ISO, NELSON, NIOSH. When breathing becomes hard wash it with cold water. Mask will be sterilized before leaving the factory, initial use may have a slight odour of disinfectant water.It is suggested that odour can be eliminated by putting it in a ventilated place or gently kneading it with cold water. Powder or detergent is not recommended. Please consult a doctor before using abrogè layer to infants.


Adult, Child


Black, White, Pink, Green, Blue, Grey, Yellow, Red, Orange, Violet

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